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2132: Uprising

2132: Uprising is an ambitious on-chain multiplayer gaming project built on Solana. The game pits the last survivors of humanity against a conquering alien invasion force in a battle to reclaim their home world: Earth. The game world consists of MMO and Team Squadron components, a robust multi-component character and equipment development system, and a player-driven NFT based marketplace, putting earned game items into the hands of the players to own, trade, and share.

The Machines

The Machines: the first in a series of generative NFTs leading to the game release, is made up of 3210 unique and rare Mechanized Soldiers, or Mechs, that give their holders a place at the center of the story in the world of 2132. Holders of this series of NFTs will have several long-reaching benefits in the series, such as:

* The opportunity to contribute along with our team to the ongoing development of the storyline, both in the game world and our upcoming graphic novel series.

* The possibility of being featured as a character in the story progression.

* Use of their Mechs as in-game skins that will never be duplicated or made available to any future generation of players. 

* In game bonuses to rewards, and “Hero Rally Boosts” to inspire teammates during missions.  

* And many, many, many more perks still to be announced.

Join 2132: Uprising today, and cement your place in history amongst the last defenders of humanity.

EARTH: 2132


A Battle Mech

PHASE 1:The Machines

In the depths of secret bunkers deep below the ice, the last remnants of humankind engineer the first generation of mechanized soldiers. A glimmer of hope emerges.

PHASE 2 : The Pilots

Humanities first series of mech pilots are engineered and trained. A total of 6,543 pilots will created to lead the mechanized war for our home world.
*Holders of 2 or more Mechs can mint 1 free Pilot.

Fighter Pilot Helmet

PHASE 3 : The Invaders

Earth’s Invaders arrive. A series of 7,654 alien conquerors land on Earth’s surface from parts of our galaxy unknown to destroy humanity and devastate their home.
*Holders of 2 or more Mechs and 2 or more Pilots can mint 1 free Alien.

PHASE 4 : Humanity

A graphic novel series tells the story of the uprising to reclaim humankind’s home world, Earth. In a collaborative effort with the community, story archs, character stories, and final results of the battle will unfold in a generative, action packed adventure.

Game Controller

PHASE 5 : Uprising

The battle for earth is waged in a multiplayer digital campaign released for PC. Players holding combinations of assets from previous phases will be given exclusive in-game perks that are unavailable to any other players. The stories of Rise of Humanity will continue in an epic, global, online struggle.

Mint Information

Price: 1.5 SOL per Mech



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